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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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path of destruction -- a tornado leveled an path of destruction -- a tornado leveled an arkansas town as a deadly mix of violent storms pound the south and the midwest. rivers are rising and residents are scrambling to get out. syria in crisis -- following deadly government crackdowns, the u.s. warns americans to leave the country as soon as possible. and app outrage, a smart phone dog fighting game sparks controversy and condemnation. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. we begin with another round of deadly storms. tornadoes and flooding are
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tearing through the nation's midsection. at least five people were hit in arkansas. part of it was a corridor from texas to southeast missouri. overnight, more than a dozen tornadoes was reported in texas and arkansas alone. one town in central arkansas, vilonia, was almost wiped off of the map. up to 60 people are missing. and there's severe flooding as well. in southeast missouri, water is rising so fast residents have been told not to bother with sandbags. joel brown is monitoring the developing story from washington and joins us now live. good morning, joel. what's the latest on these storms? >> reporter: betty, local reports describe a tornado a half mile wide. one small town an arkansas resident put it this way -- the town is gone. the tiny town of vilonia, arkansas has been nearly wiped off the map. a twister tore through the town on monday, killing two people and destroying more than 50 homes. dozens of residents remain unaccounted for.
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statewide, five people are dead from storms and flooding and more than 100,000 are without power. in some areas, the trail of destruction is nearly three miles wide. tornadoes also touched down in texas and oklahoma. days of relentless rain forced evacuations and rescues from arkansas to illinois. more storms are expected today, with another major system moving in later this week. >> this is the worse i've ever seen. i talked to two or three people who have been here and they said this is the worst since '82. >> nowhere is the flood threat greater than in poplar bluff, missouri. entire communities are headed to higher ground after officials warned of catastrophic failure on a levee on the black river. if it collapsed and officials say it's in imminent danger of doing so, more than 7,000 residents are displaced. it's so dangerous, sandbagging is not an option. >> if the levee is to break, you will have a very, very short time to get out of the way. >> the red cross and national
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guard are already on the ground. shelters are set up and evacuations are continuing through the night. worried residents have little choice but to wait and hope for the best. >> i'm overwhelmed, very overwhelmed. and i'm scared and i've just got to be -- i think i'm just going to have to be praying. >> arkansas's government has declared a state of emergency. he will be touring the most damaged areas at daybreak. betty? all right, joel brown joining us live from washington, thank you, joel. there have been more tornados in the u.s. this month than in any april on record. the government says it has received 559 tornado reports so far this month. and even though some are multiple reports at the same storm, the previous record of 267 will easily be surpassed. a third air traffic controller has been fired for napping on the job. the controller worked at boeing field in seattle and was caught
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napping twice, once in january and once this month. since march, the faa has disclosed at least five cases of controllers sleeping on the job. yesterday, a member of the national transportation safety board sent controllers and pilots who work overnight shifts should be allowed to nap. now to politics. later today, ron paul is expected to announce he's forming a 2012 presidential exploratory committee. paul, a republican, has strong backing from tea party members. he'll make the announcement in iowa. paul finished fifth in the 2008 caucuses. meanwhile, hailly barber surprised his supporters by saying he's ending his bid for the white house. he lacks the, quote, absolute fire in the belly. barber had hired a campaign manager, began setting up staff, and had lined up donors. overseas, former president jimmy carter is in north korea this morning. in china yesterday, mr. carter said he hopes to meet with north korean leader kim jong-il and
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his son. the former president planned a three-day visit to north korea to discuss the north's desperate food shortages and nuclear disarmament. the state department is telling americans to leave syria as fast as they can. nonessential u.s. embassy staff and their families have been ordered out as well. more than 350 people have been killed by government forces during weeks of anti-government protests. barry peterson has more. >> reporter: as demonstrations escalate, so has the government's brute force. in dara, army tanks were used for the first time in this uprising against protesters. people in the city could only answer with rocks. this woman was in dara. bodies on the ground, she says, my family is dying. it's not just protesters under attack, human rights activists are being hunted down.
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a syria in turmoil fits perfectly into what experts say al qaeda's leaders want. >> you can bring down the regime in syria, which many al qaeda people believe is godless and too secular. we'll have a border with israel and be in a position to really shape the future of the middle east. >> reporter: demands for freedom that now come with an ever higher price. barry peterson, cbs news, london. in libya, a government spokesman is denouncing yesterday's nato air strike on muammar gadhafi's headquarters. this is video of gadhafi taken after the attack according to libyan television. yesterday the attack by at least two nato missiled destroyed two building at gadhafi's tripoli head quarters and damaged another. >> this is the 25th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident, the accident at chernobyl. a memorial service was held at the ukrainian town nearest to the big power plant.
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big explosion in 1986 spread a radioactive cloud over much of europe exposing hundreds of thousands to high doses of radiation. on the cbs "moneywatch ", netflix posts a huge profit. and just how safe are electric cars? ashley morrison is here in new york with the latest on all of that. good morning, ashley. good morning to you, betty. a down day for the asian markets. tokyo's nikkei drops .1% as did the hong kong hang seng and the price of oil dipped to just over $111 a barrel. today the fed begins a two-day meeting on interest rates. and wall street gets the latest on housing and inflation along with another round of earnings reports. on monday, corporate profits were mixed and so were stocks. the dow lost 26 points, while the nasdaq gained five. after the closing bell, netflix reported profits had doubled in the first quarter. the company also said it had added another 3.6 million subscribers giving it 23 million here in the u.s., that's roughly the same amount as the company's biggest cable tv carrier.
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despite the big numbers, netflix shares were lower in after-hours trading due to a disappointing sales forecast for this quarter. sony is jumping into the tablet computer business. the company announced this morning it plans to run two different models that run a google android operating system. both devices will come with touch screens and cameras. sony did not say when the product will officially launch. the first ever safety ratings for electric cars are out this morning. the chevy volt and nissan elite earned the highest points possible for rear side crash and roll overpass protection. the vehicles are classified as small cars but the bulky battery parks make them almost as heavy as mid sized sedans. >> nissan is recalling 200,000 suvs over a possible steering problem. older pathfinders and qx-4s. overtime, road salt could corrode the steering column and
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cause the driver to lose control. no injuries have been reported but there are at least 35 complaints. most of the royal wedding memorabilia is about what you would expect -- but not all of it. one british company is selling crown jewel condemns, another sick bag to commemorate the occasion, which are, apparently, flying off of the shelves. and unofficial items that don't have the royal family's blessing. who needs another mug anyway, right? >> a sick bag? right? ashley morrison joining us live in new york. >> thank you. just ahead on the morning news, a royal invitation for the butcher and mailman from kate middleton's hometown. plus tragedy after a daredevil is shot out of a cannon. this is the "cbs morning news." cannon. this is the "cbs morning news." they can hit you year round... indoors or out. achoo!
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take a look at this surveillance video from last month. a motorcyclist on a texas highway slows down but the car behind does not and slams into his bike, tossing him on to the freeway. zac perez, an iraqi war veteran, is recovering after being rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries. the driver who hit him was given several tickets but not arrested. a horrible accident at a daredevil show in england. on monday, 23-year-old stuntman scott may was shot out of a cannon. he flew 50 feet in the air and died after crashing head first into the ground. his safety net apparently failed. a crowd of about 2,000 people, including many children, witnessed the tragedy. and on friday, it won't be just celebrities and dignitaries at the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton, the bride and groom want a people's wedding. so, they invited some regular folks. charlie d'agata is outside of
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with the details. did you get an invite? >> i haven't gotten an invite yet, betty. i'm still waiting. the big buzz so far is about a diamond tiara that kate may be borrowing from the queen for a wed dague. and the big news is a well spoken woman tried to place a bet on it with the inside information. some hometown guests are getting pumped up about the big day. >> reporter: martin fiddler is going to be a busy man on kate and william's wedding day. the local butcher is going all out throwing a party in the bride's hometown of bucklebury that night after he and his wife attend a welding ceremony at westminster abbey. west-minuter abbey. he's known the middleton's for years but shocked to get an invite. >> we're on cloud nine with excitement. >> the tiny village is gearing up for several street parties to honor their hometown girl turned
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princess, complete with concerts, a barbecue, and fireworks. >> haven't heard anyone say they're not interested. >> william and kate's love story has captured the hearts of everyone here. not only are the 2,000 people who live here proud of kate, most are protective of her. >> very lucky man to have her. nice girl, lovely, great family. >> reporter: john haley owns the local pub where william and kate have been known to have a drink. he scored a pair of invitations to the wedding and he's flying solo. >> invite plus one. if your viewers would like to come along. anyone free that day. >> reporter: no guarantee that offer is still on the table. and now for the bad news. you may have noticed the weather has changed and forecasters are predicting not only a chance of heavy downpours, but also a chance of thundershowers. betty? >> all right. well there's some time for it to change yet again, hopefully. charlie d'agata outside of
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, partly cloudy, 79. miami, thunderstorms, 88. chicago, rainy, windy there, 69. dallas is going to be sunny, 86. l.a. sunny as well, 73. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows a massive storm system stretching from the midwest toward the northeast with thunderstorms on the move from louisiana to indiana. later today, the severe weather will spread from the southern plains to the northeast. expect flooding along the ohio river valley, and tornadoes in the south. and in sports, the grizzlies are one game away from taking down the spurs. in the second quarter, san antonio's manu ginobili steals the ball and makes a behind-the-back pass, but in the end, it was all memphis. they trounce the spurs, 104-86 and take a 3-1 first round lead. in dallas, the mavs kept pouring it on against new
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portland. dirk nowitzki scored 24 points to help dallas beat them. the mavs lead the first round series, 3-2. the denver nuggets live to play another game. they avoid a first-round sweep by beating the oklahoma city thunder, 104-101. in the nfl, a huge victory for players on monday. a judge ordered the owners to end the lockout. but, the fate of next season may still be in doubt because the owners have filed an appeal. when we return, a look at this morning's top stories. and nfl star michael vick speaks out against a new controversial app called "dog wars". star michael vick speaks out against a new controversial app called "dog wars". moms love tulips. any second now, they are going to place me at the center of the table. edible arrangements bouquets
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. thunderstorms, hail, strong winds and tornadoes will roll from oklahoma to pennsylvania. light showers will dot the northwest and sunny and warm throughout the southwest.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. tornadoes and flooding raged through arkansas and missouri. one small town in arkansas, vilonia was all but wiped off the map. 50 people are injured there, at least five people were killed by the severe weather. and the u.s. government is advising all american citizens to leave syria as soon as possible. 350 anti-government protesters have been killed by security forces. controversy this morning over a video game app. it's called "dog wars." and nfl quarterback michael vick and the humane society are asking google to shut it down. reporter suzy sub of our los angeles station kcbs has the story. >> it glorifies something that's cruel, illegal, and repugnant to people. >> reporter: this is youtube video of canine crime, sometimes dogs forced to fight to the death.
4:52 am
>> torn up bodies. the limbs. >> reporter: but now dog fighting is going from the ring to your cell phone. >> you're simulating taking advantage of innocent animals. >> reporter: it's called "dog wars," a free app game on the android. your mission, to raise your dog to beat the best. feed your dog water, food, even steroids to prep for the big event. train your dog with shock collars. and should you need defense against police, you can buy weapons too. >> it's basically a how-to guide on how to do dog fighting. >> reporter: the l.a. police protective league is calling for the humane society calling for the app to be removed. michael vick who served prison time for dog fight related charges are also opposed to the game. >> these animals are defenseless. there's no redeeming value in it whatsoever. >> reporter: in burbank, susie salk. this morning, the latest on the deadly flooding in the midwest. i'm betty nguyen.
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good morning a lovely crescent moon. >> it is 70 degrees right now. it is in the low 70s this morning. and another afternoon on its way to the low 80s. easily still be in the mid- to upper 70s at dinner. don, take it away. >> saying farewell. how the state is saying good-bye to william donald schaeffer. why wegmans is changing its logo. for smart phones, does it encourage criminal activity. >> more news and the first traffic report of the morning
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. it will be 5:00. >> sharon has your traffic. marty has the weather. >> it is not freezing. >> 70 degrees. it is gorgeous. and we are going to be in the mid-upper 70s. going to a high of 73, mid-70s and summer-like, you


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